My career in the film industry began by chance when a friend suggested I help out on a National Film School production being shot in Derry, Northern Ireland in the summer of 1985. I had just left art college in Newcastle Upon Tyne where I had studied painting.

After this early baptism by fire I worked for most of the late 1980's as an assistant art director and model maker on numerous music videos, drama documentaries and several feature films; one early highlight was Ken Russel's "Lair of the White Worm" (a low budget horror film which has since attained cult status on video) for which I designed and built many of the key smaller props, some of which feature in the images on this site.

Towards the end of the 1980's I took up a freelance post with Einstein's Octopus (at that time a youthful modelmaking and effects company based in a railway arch in London's east end, run by Tony Pletts) during this period between 1989 and 1998 while working for Einstein's Octopus I designed and built many sets models and SFX rigs while also art directing a large number of music videos and commercials plus several short films.

At the end of 1997 I left the Einstein's Octopus umbrella (still going strong today from a new office in Hackney) and in January 1998 I set up a company with another art director (Andy Mackay)

While running Norris:Mackay Ltd, I continued to art direct many more commercials, music videos, Idents and corporate events. Projects ranged from turning the interior of a working power station in Dartford Kent into an LA street scene for Mel B's video "Tell Me" directed by Nigel Dick, to designing and supervising the construction of a "dolls house" scale high street for a Woolworth's Christmas commercial.

At the end of 2000 I set up a new design studio in Highbury London N5 from where I now run Andrew Norris, Production Design on a freelance basis, continuing to art direct and design many new film and TV projects as well as pursuing my own artwork.

Andrew Norris 12th January 2003